Monday, December 10, 2012

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My design work is a representation of the Fibonacci sequence, a microcosm, and a macrocosm all unified together in a harmonious abstracted composition. My overall theme for this design is mother hood and raising a child as it grows in the proportions of fibonacci numbers. I chose to paint an embryo in a woman’s stomach to render the process of nature growing in the pattern of the Fibonacci sequence. The golden mean is represented through the hidden spiral made from the round pregnant stomach to the abstracted shaded area in the baby. A microcosm is represented through the sections of a close up texture of a dog’s nose. A dog can be a motherly animal and its nose is a key sense used to help care for their children. I have displayed the environment of a playground which will eventually take part in the embryo’s life to  incorporate a macrocosm. Breaking up the values and abstracting the objects in this piece was very challenging for me. I got myself too caught up in creating the detail and reality in the work but then, I relaxed and thought more abstractly. This helped me render a conceptual design that resonates some sense of reality through the use of striations to depict depth, shading and a two-point perspective.

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  1. Excellent work so far Sam!

    Yes, when we abstract an image we can let go of having to be perfect!
    You did alot of painting on that Dog's nose, and it looks amazing! By the way a Dog has Puppies not children...although We are all children at heart!